Katherine’s birth story {day 2}

24 Dec

Day 2 was quite honestly the most exhausting day of my entire life. My dr came in to check me around 9 Sunday morning, and though she didn’t say so, I could tell I hadn’t progressed nearly as far as she had hoped. She tried to break my water, but the pain of her trying to break through my cervix was a little too intense, so she went ahead and called the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

I had always been anti-epidural, and had hoped to be able to deliver without it. Yeah, I was dumb. I was terrified of the needle in my spine, but I hardly noticed it at all. Around 11am my dr came back in and was able to break my water, which meant I was able to start pitocin, and really get labor going. At this point I was barely having contractions, and I knew in my head I had a timer going to get this baby out.

Thanks to the epidural, I was finally able to get some rest, so I spent most of the day napping between cervix checks. Once my water was broken, the nurses put internal contraction and fetal heart rate monitors in, and Jason and I enjoyed watching me have contractions without feeling them. Though everyone thought we’d be snuggling our little lady by early afternoon, late evening came and I had no baby (and no food). Starting about 5pm, we began to realize this would take longer when we thought. At 5 they told us a baby by 10, at 10 they told us by midnight. My dr came in again around 9pm to check me, and told me to keep on keepin’ on. Katherine’s original birthday had come and gone, and we were on to Day 3 of her 2 day delivery.


Watching tv and chilling. Where is my pretty princess?!?


Wordless Wednesday

18 Dec






Katherine [Month 2]

18 Dec


Precious Girl…
How are you 2 months already?! It’s going so fast! The change from your birth to now is just absolutely amazing. What’s it going to be like next month?! This month we got to see your precious smile, and you are just about always willing to flash a grin at someone!

Measurements: You weigh 12lb 9oz (95th percentile), and are 23″ (75th percentile) long. Short and chunky!!

Diapers: you are now in size 1’s, and depending on the type, they are starting to get a little small.

Clothes: All 0-3 months. Your newborn clothes got too short first, so some of your new clothes are a little big, still.

Schedule: we are starting to develop a daily routine!! You wake up around 7, get a diaper change and meal, then nap again until 11. After another diaper change and meal, it’s playtime!! Around 2 we break for a fresh diaper and food, then play again until 4-5, when it’s time for a diaper and food. Then you’ll nap until around 7, wake up, change, eat, and snuggle and play. Every other night you get a bath around 10, a bottle, then down for bed between 11-11:30.

Sleeping: daytime naps are in either your swing or bouncer. This week we moved you into your room, and mommy is very happy about that! We have you in your bassinet, so now it’s time to work on migrating you to your crib. You sleep at night with your light bug, and you prefer the music to the heart noises.

Meals: mommy is having a hard time still with milk production, so generally you only get 1-2 feeding a day of my milk. The rest of the time you take Similac Sensitive formula. This seems to upset your tummy less than what you were on before! You generally always take 4oz, but on rare days you’ll eat a little more.

Favorites: you love to watch lights. You’ll stare at them forever! You also like sitting/laying and “talking” to the Christmas tree. You also love your floor gym, and swatting at the toys on it.

Dislikes: about half the time now you still scream during your baths, but you’re getting better!! You hate waking up, and it tends to take quite a bit for you to wake up, and even longer for you to be smiley! You’ve also started to dislike tummy time.

Katherine’s birth story {day 1}

29 Nov

October 13 is where Katherine’s birth story begins. Due to my blood pressure going up the week before, my dr had decided to go ahead and schedule an induction. My parents had come down the day before, so my mom was able to come with me to the amazing baby shower some of the precious ladies at church had for Katherine. I was so thankful that the shower was that day, otherwise I would have been a nervous mess. That evening we had a light dinner, and called into the hospital to make sure that they had room for us, which they said they did. After a terrible, horrible thunderstorm, we packed up and headed to the hospital.


We checked into St. Joseph’s hospital around 10pm, and got our room. It was mind boggling for me to think that this is the room that our sweet girl would be born in. Katherine was incredibly uncooperative with the external heart rate monitors from the very beginning, a theme that would last through the night and into day 2. I was given a medication called cytotec to jump start my labor, and a sleeping pill, one hardly worked, and the other didn’t work at all.

As morning broke on day 2, we were about to get a taste of children never doing what they are supposed to do.

Katherine Grace [Month 1]

15 Nov


What a joy you are!! Your name means “pure grace of God”, and this month we have seen that it is truly what you are. Your sweet faces, funny sounds, and treasured snuggles have filled my heart with so much love and happiness!! I am beyond thankful for you!

Measurements: at 2 weeks you were 7.5lbs and 21″, but you have for sure grown since then.

Diapers: still in newborns, and probably will be for a while.

Clothes: all newborn, but they are starting to get a little short, especially your sweet sleepers.

Schedule: not really yet. You tend to not sleep at all during the morning, and want to spend afternoons in the Moby. Nights are pretty easy; we go to bed around midnight, wake up at 4am for a diaper change and food, then get up again at 6 or 7am.

Sleeping: your only naps are in the evenings, usually starting around 4 and off and on until bed. Night times have been so easy for a newborn.

Meal times: mixture of breast milk and formula. Usually I can only pump about one feeding a day, and the rest is 2-3oz of formula. We feed on demand, and today especially you have been eating often.

Favorites: your floor mat. You love looking in the mirror during tummy time, and kicking the toys while on your back. Sleeping in the Moby. Snuggling.

Dislikes: having your mouth wiped during meal times. Having your diaper changed…this makes you so mad. Baths. Waiting on anything.

Birth story and other posts coming soon. I promise.

My new schedule

17 Jul

2 weeks ago, I noticed that my blood pressure was getting higher than at the beginning of my pregnancy. After calling the OB, she said if it gets any higher to call back in, especially if either number hit 160/80. Thursday night my diastolic reading was 86, so when I called the next day they wanted to see me immediately.

After going in and seeing the on call doctor, she was planning on putting me in the hospital if my protein came back high. After a few minutes of panicking, she said she would send me home to do a 24 hour urine test and see if there was protein there.

Monday I got a phone call that indeed, I do have protein in my urine, accompanied by high blood pressure, and that means that I have preeclampsia. I feel extremely blessed that it is both a mild case, and that it was caught almost instantly. I know that no amount of doctors, medicine, or anything else can shorten or lengthen Katherine’s life by even a heartbeat, but it is a difficult task trying to maintain no anxiety when faced with a serious condition that might pose a danger to the sweet baby you have prayed for for years.

As of right now, I’m on modified bed rest. No more than an hour on my feet, limit lifting things, spend as little time outside as possible, and check my blood pressure at least twice a day. Thankfully I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in prayer, rereading Harry Potter, snuggling with Snickers, and looking at all the cute girl’s clothes and hair bows.

Praying for submission to both my doctor and to Jason (who is often tasked with the role of being the bad guy when I’d like to do something, go somewhere, or eat something), health and safety for Katherine, and wisdom and patience for me would be most welcomed.

Moving is about to get real interesting…

Katherine Grace

6 Jul

How far along: 23 weeks! (Only 16 weeks until my due date!!)

The baby is as big as a: Pomegranate…I need to find one of these at HEB.

What’s happening to baby: she weighs around a pound and a half now!! Her face is almost fully formed, though her skin is still missing the fat underneath that fills her out. Kat is able to hear loud sounds, and recognize voices. She is also drinking large amounts of amniotic fluid each day. In the next few weeks she’ll double in size (woah!!!).

Gender: Precious girl!

Movement: So much. Especially on my bladder. Her schedule is also developing, which is fun to feel.

Food/Drink: Everything. I find I’m hungry almost all the time, but nothing ever sounds good.

Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily, but wake up around 1 and 3 for a bathroom break, then I’m awake from 3 to around 6.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!!M Oh, it’s so bad!!!

Getting ready: our house has a roof!!! We’ve also acquired some bigger baby things from friends of ours who are moving soon.